How to ensure you get a good seacan.

Posted August 8, 2013

New is always a good way to go but new in seacans is a little different, 95% of seacans purchased are manufactured in China therefore when you purchase a new container in North America you will likely get one that made a trip from China full of cargo and then once empty it is available for purchase as new, commonly called one trip containers.  It may have a small ding or two and fork lift tire marks on the floor depending on the shipper who loaded it in China.

The other option and just as popular is purchasing used.  Generally a used container is 8 to 12 years old....... I know you are thinking that’s old!  Not to worry containers are made of Corten Steel which are 14 gauge and made to travel overseas many times.  Of course some are in better condition than others depending on what you need them for.  Our grade A/B containers are guaranteed to have no leaks, solid floors and working doors.  A major competitive advantage that Cratex has over the competition is we are a division of Delta Container who store thousands of containers for various shipping lines thus giving us the choice of the best used containers available.  Delta Container checks each container thoroughly to ensure they meet cargo worthy standards and we at Cratex use these checks to ensure we get the best equipment available for our sale inventory.

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